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                   Sales Conditions!!


Our kittens grow up in family environment, they’re like our children, we spend so much time and care, that we care in which families they’re going. Our kittens have available the whole flat.

They’re assisting us at all events. Like proper cats so ours love games too, especially mice and feather on telescope.



We don’t sale kittens for another trade or backyard breeders, that thought that cat is for them appropriate source of income and don’t care about their health and breeding rules.


Our kittens will be leaving to the new homes always with Pass of Origin and registration by TICA!

 For binding reservation of kitten I ask for paying the 1/3 of deposit, in case of cancelling the reservation the deposit is non-refundable!! (the deposit is possible to return in 5 days from the day of adding the amount to the account. Late reservation cancelling - it will be used as a reimbursement  of increased costs and lost profits (financial loss caused by the impossibility to offer a kitten to another interested party).

 I reserve the right to cancel reservation by the breeder. (in this case the fee is refundable) !!!


 Those who are interested in our kitten we would ask to write a few lines about themselves (from where you’re, where you live, if you have children or another animals...... beginning a sentence with how much costs the kitten? Or just how much you want for it?.......really doesn’t look well.)


We prefer to meet the interested parties in person.


I point out, that we don’t sell our kittens as a gift, the contract is written with the direct owner older 18 years !


Kittens will leave us first of all from 13 – 15 week (kittens that will drive/fly abroad will go first of all in 20 week), kittens as Pets will be going to their new homes always castrated!

Kittens will vaccinated (2x in Eighth weeks and twelfth against Calicivirus, Panleucopeniae and Rhinotracheitidis+ rabies –it only applies in case the kittens will travel abroad) dewormed (3x dewormed with a pasta Banminth and pasta Caniverm), chipped with Pet pass, proper purchase contract, copies of parental and grandparental tests, start-up package and breeding service.


Kittens before going to the new home undergo health check, which will be more than 4 days old, everything will be witter in Pet pass (certificate of vaccination).


I demand with future owners contact and information about the health and prosperity of the kitten, we’ll be happy for videos and photos how the kittens are doing in their new home.


In case of discovery of neglected care (lack of water and food, bad thin fur, raised ribs, dirty ears and eyes ...) or kitten abuse, I reserve the right to remove the kitten back into out care, which is mentioned in the contract!! Without financial compensation

Is it possible, that we visit the kitten after an agreement by the future owner!

I ask for information in case, that the new owner of the kitten for some reason decided to sell it and in this case according to the purchase contract, the kitten must be offered as a first interested party back to the breeders.


Our kittens will go just into the best environment and I really care about our kitten’s life in their new homes, that they wouldn’t suffer loneliness, stress, animal friend is very suitable (We don’t recommend living with rodents and birds)

I don’t sell kittens just for profit, but I want to find them the most suitable homes where they will be happy, so if I see that two kittens are significantly close I’ll be searching for common home where they can live and grow together!

Two kittens easily get used to new home, they’ll be supporting each other and play together J


 Our kittens are breed only for house/apartment/flat, free movement isn’t possible, the reasons are possible dangers, for example cars, poisons, weather.....!!!!

Movement is possible only in outside coop, that’s very secure or on the lash.




Kittens breeded for breeding will go only into the registered kennel, where they will have perfect conditions for breeding (kitten females and males), I really care where our kittens will live and what their conditions will be !!!!

If I find out, that the breeder is breeding the kittens without Pass of Origin, the animal will be removed from the breeder.

Backyard breeding or another illegal breeding will not be supported!


If you’re interested in one of our kittens for breeding:

  1. Write me please name of your kennel
  2. Send me link of your websites
  3. Write how many female/male cats you have at home
  4. Please write us where approximately our kitten will be living.....Possibly send a photo
  5. Paying deposit 500 euro is taken as a serious reservation and is NON-REFUNABLE!!!
  6. Kittens from us are completely vaccinated, dewormed, chipped with pet passport, registration TICA and 5 generation pedigree and whole documentation done, they get copies of parental and grandparental tests, start-up package.
  7. I’m pointing out, that I’m not selling kittens for cage breeding!!!!!
  8. I’ll help to breeding beginners, give them advice about breeding.